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   We currently supply packaging material to the following industries:        

   FMCG, for example mineral water boxes, meat boxes, ice cream boxes, pizza boxes, etc.

   Printing and Stationary companies, for example filing boxes.

   Picture framing companies, for example corrugated corner pieces, buffers, bubble wrap, etc.

   Motor spares manufacturers, for example fillers, buffers, pads, boxes, etc.

   Marketing & Promotions companies, for example display boxes, gift boxes, double sided tapes, bubble wrap, etc.

   Electrical appliances, for example buffers, fillers, die cut boxes, etc

   Furniture manufacturers, for example buffers, pads, bubble wrap, etc.

   Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics , for example die cut boxes, etc.

   Flower Farmers, examples are; boxes for export

   Farmers, examples are, bean boxes, etc.

   Packaging agents and small packaging manufacturers. Examples are; all sizes of boxes, fillers, pads, buffers, die cut containers, etc.  

   Large packaging manufacturers. We provide an outsourcing service regarding orders that do not fit in to their more sophisticated production systems.  

   Examples are stitching, laminating, gluing, smaller quantities, odd box sizes, etc.

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